Theme Nights

Nights at Desire are your opportunity to be a part of the themed masquerades. The Swingset’s own Angelica and Damien have carefully curated the theme nights for the past three years of trips. Below are 2018’s themes as we percolate for 2019.

Saturday: A Pantheon of Gods and Myth

A bacchanal is awaiting your presence. Join Bacchus as an acolyte, follower, or fellow god, demigod, or demiurge. Old god or new, the only thing certain is we will all revel in the pleasures of the flesh.

Sunday: Welcome to Cabaret!

What’s your poison? Weimar Republic, or early 20th Century Paris? Absinthe addled artists, decadent dandies and players, masters of ceremony, cancan dancers, performers and audience members of all genders. “Welcome to Cabaret!”

Monday: Sexy Sci Fi – A New Hope

Star Wars, or Star Trek? Doctor Who or The Fifth Element? Maybe the purple haired beauties from U.F.O? Let your imagination run wild, and your sci fi sexual exploits shine.

Tuesday: What’re You Into? – Fetish & Kink

What tickles your fancy in that ‘special’ way? Leather, latex, lace, PVC, or rope? Maybe something else? Indulge your bliss, we all want to see. This theme night occurs on the same night as our Dungeon Disco takeover.

Wednesday: Once Upon a Sexy Time – Fractured Fairy Tales

Come as your favorite, prince, princess, plucky sidekick, fairy godparent, or evil villain or henchperson. The only requirement here is that these stories all have to have (cough) happy endings. Kudos for the most bent, twisted, perverted, or original interpretation.

Thursday: Skin Flicks – Stage & Screen

Pick a character or star from your favorite play, film, or music genre. Plunder the best/worst films, plays, musicals, or musical artists that pop culture has to offer. Rocky Horror, Hedwig, Gone With the Wind, Bill & Ted, Romeo & Juliet, Elvis, Gaga… the list is endless.

Friday: Hoist the Colors High – Pride / Rainbow

Show your true colours, fluorescent pink, lipstick red, shiny black, or fly your Pride flag proudly with all the colours of the rainbow. Show us who you really are, or who you would be if you could be anything you desired.

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